3 Ways Natural Language Technologies Serve Customer Facing Teams

  • Conversational AI
  • Agent Assist
  • Behavioral Data Management

1. Automating Conversations, the Power of Conversational AI

  • ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition, or the ability to transform voice into text. Here, you want to consider the accuracy of the transcript, the different languages, accents, and the noise environment.
  • NLU: Natural Language Understanding, or the brain. Those semantic algorithms analyze the meaning, intention, and sentiment behind a string of words. It also triggers appropriate responses.
  • TTS: Text to Speech, or the voice of the assistant. It’s about the assistant providing accurate response and being understood by the users.

2. Supporting Teams with Agent Assist

3. Making Data-Driven Decisions with Behavioral Data Management



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Aiello Inc.

Aiello Inc.

Aiello have developed an NLU SaaS Platform that provides organizations with a complete framework to build NLU based applications.