3 Ways to Upsell in Your Hotel with AI

Know your customer: The best product to sell is to sell what the guests want

Your guests choose your hotel for a reason.

Aiello Assistant’s Guests’ Profile Dashboard

Drive in-room sales: Power your in-house marketing with Aiello Assistant

Figuring out the best way to inform guests about your current offers can be a headache. Aiello Assistant is a device deployed in the hotel room, usually on the night table. The virtual concierge uses its voice to greet the guests the moment they enter their hotel room. That’s hard to ignore.

Broadcast messages to your guests

Reach your guests on their smartphones: Aiello Assistant boosted consumer spending with nearly 20,000 coupon downloads in 6 months

Aiello is a leading provider of smart hotel solutions in Asia that has been deployed in more than 4,500 hotel rooms and used by 1 million hotel guests every year.

  • You have great in-house F&B offering, but the guests always forget.
  • You already have partnerships locally and you are searching for the best way to promote it. (Part about Farglory Hotel Hualien above)
  • You don’t have partnerships yet, Aiello Assistant will tell you which ones make the most sense because with our device, you know your guest.



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Aiello Inc.

Aiello Inc.

Aiello have developed an NLU SaaS Platform that provides organizations with a complete framework to build NLU based applications.