Best Choice of 50 branded hotels in Taiwan, Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant wins good reputation

The well-known five-star hospitality group, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), opened its first base in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the end of 2021. Identifying itself as the “luxury smart room hotel” expecting to bring a new trend to the tourism and hospitality industry in Taiwan.

Targeting high-end guests, the InterContinental Kaohsiung invited world-famous architects and designers to create a deluxe and comfortable ambiance. Through adapting a series of international high-end brands to empower the living quality for guests. In series of international famous brands, media and guests are surprised that Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant, deployed by a Taiwanese startup dedicated to conversational intelligence, was chosen by IHG Kaohsiung and became an outstanding attraction to guests.

Not only targeting star-rating hotels, Most inns or B&Bs do not have that much manpower to allocate. Still, Aiello assistant’s inquiry function can help deal with the demands of guests in the front line, and such a capability has made it the best supporting device to reduce the workload of the service staff in general operations.

Hotels are putting trust into Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant not only because of its precise comprehension but also its capability of accelerating digital transformation in hospitality. It helps hotels to improve organizational efficiency, and meet demand for experience-led transformation.

  1. All-in-one Device

Aiello assistant integrates many functional stuffs in rooms, such as telephone, clock, soundbox, and etc. With the only one device, which gather more functions and surrounding information, it can definitely exceed guests’ expectation.

2. Beyond quality, fully customerizable

For each hotel, Aiello assistant can has its own customerized features to meet hotel’s demand, such as welcome information, facilities around, and exclusive aspects to optimize guest experience with convenience, decent services, and a memorable stay.

3. 24hrs “online” supporting

Aiello assistant’s inquiry function can help respond the requests of guests in the front line with ease, speed and clarity. If any emergencies or needs, staffs can also respond to the guest demands at the remote end or outside working hours via VoIP calls. And such a capability has made it the best supporting device to reduce the workload of the service staff in general operations.

4. Create more upsell opportunities

Instead of flyers or printed coupon, when guests ask for surrounding recommendations, Aiello assistant will priority display the hotel’s own recommendations according to guests’ demands. Don’t take it lightly about the power of the last mile marketing in room.

Actually, IHG is not the only hospitality brand that cooperates with Aiello. There have been 50 hotels in Taiwan upgrading their rooms with Aiello Assistant, including the Taipei Garden Hotel, Silks Place Tainan Hotel, Grand Cosmos Resort Hualien, Mu Jiao Xi Hotel, and Farglory Hotel Hualien, just to name a few. To sum up, Aiello assistant is an eye-catching voice AI device in hotel room and takes the overall experience of a hotel stay to another level.

Let’s see how the international media has mentioned Aiello Assistant,

And, the recommendation by hotel managements.

Aiello is a leading solutions provider in NLU and Conversational AI technologies. Reach out to us at to discuss your Conversational AI Transformation.

Written by: Penny Huang, VP of Marketing and Partnership in Aiello



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